Whitstable is a beautiful place with the sky, sea and all the colours in one view.

You get it or you don’t

I’ve left my old life behind me.

Now my fun comes from seeing the gulls, wings quivering in the air, as they glide just above my head down on the beach. And the sea, waves breaking across the groynes, roaring in on the beach or as gentle as a mill pond. The starlings eating the years harvest of grapes from the vines in my garden.

I live in a community full of characters who come from the pages of a novel – written by Dickens or Alan Bennet – who change depending on the day of the week you are in town.

I have my health with no pain in my body and live a great life.

The harbour looking out over the Greta.

The harbour is a vital part of keeping Whitstable real. It makes it a working port, with a small fishing ‘fleet’ and every so often a flat-bottomed coastal carrier called the Neptune comes in and drops off aggregates. This is ‘working class’ labour happening in the middle of the town and adds to the mix of people who live here. It will stop Whitstable becoming too gentrified and like some of the south-west ports, ghost towns in winter.

Here is a short clip of us leaving the harbour on the Greta and I’m at the front ‘posing’ for this clip. The dogs barking in the background are Steves, on the boat, picking up the scent of mine, on the quay.

I volunteer to crew the barge and, when Steve needs me, we take passengers to the Forts in the bay or up the Swale to the seal colony.  Being out on a day with the sun shining, a force four through a full set of sails and the stub bow pushing you through the waves is something you will never forget.

The Greta is designed around the technology of the 1890s so it feels like you’re sailing a ship in a Patrick O’Brien novel.  AND IT’S FUN! If you want to book a trip, click on the link. Greta

Purple sky over the Swale.

It is a wonder to look at and to see the natural beauty that is all around us.

Just a beautiful morning outside the Continental with Sheppy hidden where the cloud meets the sea.

Sunset over the Swale.

Can you imagine being able to paint like this, to reproduce this amazing blend of colours and light. This is why Turner painted near here – the light.

The sea and when it comes to the shore it is one of the most calming sounds I know.

In town, I often stop and stare at the trees and listen to the sound of the Starlings talking to each other. Living in a part of the world that is their own.

That’s all for now and when I see something new or unique to the town I will post it here